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Looks like an interesting fantasy rpg. I’ve read many of the free pdfs, which I will link to.

I have used Campaign Cartographer to map an alternate game world. Large continents, a few small islands, but the scale is such that islands wont show up easily, so I’ll save those for region maps.

Why does it say ‘more maps and stuff’ at the top of the site ? I have several rpg sites.

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May, 2018

May 2

Added the Starlos continent. Added the Jungle Lands.


Apr 14

Made change to the map of Take.


Mar 24

Added part 4 of the world map.

April, 2017

Apr 16

Added some detail to the third overland map.

Apr 12

Added part 3 of 4 parts to Viking Land to this site. Not sure if I will have a ‘gate’ between the Greek and the Norse/Viking lands or not.

Apr 11

Updated the first Viking add-on map. Added the city of Take area map.

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