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Looks like an interesting fantasy rpg. I’ve read many of the free pdfs, which I will link to.

I have used Campaign Cartographer to map an alternate game world. Large continents, a few small islands, but the scale is such that islands wont show up easily, so I’ll save those for region maps.

Why does it say ‘more maps and stuff’ at the top of the site ? I have several rpg sites.

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March, 2017

Mar 21

Added the continent Gralos map. And updated the navigation menus.

Mar 19

moved my Mazes and Minotaurs to here to use this empty space. More maps on the way, when I get to them.


Nov 27

Watermarking my maps.


Oct 25

Added part 2 of the Norseland map.


Sept 25

Added two more maps making it 4 maps total. More are in the works, along with some adventures.

And added this Whats New ? article.

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3500 × 4500 miles. Northeast ‘corner’ of The World.

Forlorn Henge a study in howling winds, when there is no wind. Rumors of wolves so huge, their knees are higher above the ground than the height of a full grown warrior haunt The Great Ice.

The Frosted Hills, an area of contention between Arcadia and Amazonia. Rumors of beings who can shape shift into someone from the other side of the conflict. Until this is resolved, the warriors stay away. Trade continues in Ognoc’s Bay.

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