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Looks like an interesting fantasy rpg. I’ve read many of the free pdfs, which I will link to.

I have used Campaign Cartographer to map an alternate game world. Large continents, a few small islands, but the scale is such that islands wont show up easily, so I’ll save those for region maps.

Why does it say ‘more maps and stuff’ at the top of the site ? I have several rpg sites.

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February, 2019

Feb 17

All maps are now 2000 pixels wide.


Jul 26

Not much work being done here. I’m working on another of my sites.

May, 2018

May 2

Added the Starlos continent. Added the Jungle Lands.


Apr 14

Made change to the map of Take.

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This is part 4 of 4 maps I came up with for the Viking add-on to Mazes and Minotaurs. The Hungol Lands.

The Desolation and ruins may or may not be something done by the Hungols.

Dwarf Hold and Cresh Mountains added to Grackel Island.

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